Nepal is a unique country, regarded to be the land of magic and mystery. The diversity in culture, religion, geography and ethnicity pulls interest of outsiders fascinated with its potential resources. Filming in Nepal therefore bears a significant prospect. Film makers from the different parts of the world are interested in Nepal’s breathtaking sights, its snow- capped mountain views and gushing rivers, wetlands, terraced rice fields, forested watershed, natural caves and cultural heritages cited in the UNESCO list, all help make your story different from the rest. The geographical diversity is in terms of a sharp topographic variation from the top of the world, Mount Everest (8848 m.) to the level of 60 m. in Terai. The variation in topography makes it a kingdom of biodiversity with myriads of number of plants and animal species. According to official website of Nepal Tourism Board, out of total species in the world, Nepal possesses 2.80 percent plants, 3.96 percent mammals, 3.72 percent butterflies and 8.9 percent of birds. Of 6,391 species of flowering plants in Nepal, 399 are endemic. Among the 399 endemic flowering plants in Nepal, 63 percent are from the high mountains, 38 percent from the mid hills, and 5 percent from the Terai and Siwaliks. Similarly, the central region contains 66 percent of the total endemic species followed by western (32 percent) and eastern regions (29 percent).

Nepal is also famous for various activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, jungle safari, hunting, butterfly watching, bird watching, mountain flights, paragliding, bungee jumping, fishing, canoeing, pilgrimage and many others. Moreover, there are trekking trails, sightseeing, tea gardening, cultural villages which can garner tourism thereby making it a prime filming destination.

Nepal is a birth place of Buddha and Janaki who, as deities of Buddhism and Hinduism respectively, have added religious significance to this country.

Nepal has become a dreamland for many foreigners because of its exotic landscape and diverse ethnic populations. A melting pot of different ethnicities, it is wedged between two giant countries China in the north and India in the south. Because of large presence of natural, cultural and social resources, there is a high prospect in the areas of filming and documentary making. Ethnic/ indigenous nationalities in Nepal offer more areas for filming as their history and culture matters for the world to study human evolution, oral histories and myths. The indigenous practices, unique identity of these populations with each unique feature matters much for us all. Many film makers from around the world use the cultural, geographical and social resources of Nepal to produce films that meet their stories.


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