Some of the documentaries produced and directed for various institutions
(some are co-directed):

Godawari ko Sano Ban

Subject: An individual's effort to establish a large statue of Lord Buddha in Godawari

Commissioned by: Produced for a private citizen

Year: 2002 AD

Time Duration: 18 mins

The Other Side of the Coin

Subject: Critical documentary on community forestry policy and its implementation

Commissioned by: Produced for Forest Action and Seacow

Year: 2004 AD

Time Duration: 41 mins

The Agony of the Tamed Elephants and their Mahouts

Subject: Documentary on plight of elephants and their mahouts and elephant breeding centre in Sauraha, Chitwan

Commissioned by: Produced for Foreign Television

Year: 2001 AD

Time Duration: 45 mins

In Dire Straits (co-director/script writer)

Subject: Critical Documentary on primary education in Nepal

Commissioned by: Produced for Education Network in association with Action Aid Nepal

Year: 1999 AD

Time Duration: 33 mins

Gurkhas’ Blues

Subject: About the plight of ex-British soldiers

Commissioned by: Produced for Ex-Gurkha Servicemen Organization

Year: 2000 AD

Time Duration: 29 mins

Unfinished Revolution

Subject: The Kamaiya: After abolition

Commissioned by: Produced for Danish Association for International Cooperation (MS Nepal)

Year: 2001 AD

Time Duration: 42 mins

Bondage for Generations

Subject: Kamaiya: (Bonded Labourers in western Nepal): Before Abolition

Commissioned by: Produced for Backward Society Education (BASE)

Year: 2000 AD

Time Duration: 35 mins

The Wave of Awareness

Subject: Birth registration

Commissioned by: Produced for Save the Children, Japan

Year: 2001

Time Duration: 24 mins

Tharu Renaissance

Subject: BASE activities in western districts

Commissioned by: Produced for Backward Society Education (BASE)

Year: 2000 AD

Time Duration: 32 mins